Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are an excellent solution for securing warehouse garage doors, loading dock doors, freight bays, shipping doors, industrial doors and other large entrances where vehicles or shipped products may need to enter and leave a building while making it easy and convenient to provide access.


Sectional doors are ideal for commercial businesses that don’t necessarily require high-speed garage doors for shipping.

Typically constructed of four panels that slide up and overhead, the distinct advantage of having a sectional garage door, as opposed to a single panel garage door, is that sectional garage doors don’t require any space outside of the garage door to open. In other words, you can pull a vehicle right up to the garage door without the door smacking the vehicle while the door is opening. Sectional garage doors also roll up into the ceiling, therefore not requiring much vertical space.


Furthermore, each horizontal panel of a sectional garage door has its own connection to the door track. This feature serves to increase the reliability and durability of sectional garage doors, as compared to single panel garage doors that only have a couple of track connections for the entire panel.


Some sectional doors include a breakaway panel at the bottom in case a vehicle carrying a high load accidentally strikes the lower panel of the door… an all too common accident in shipping bays and warehouses. The breakaway panel can be easily put back in place and work can resume as normal without costly repairs to the sectional door and the delays inherent in calling for service or replacement parts.


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