What are retrofit garage doors?

Sometimes referred to as retrofit garage doors, are doors that are remodeled, repaired or replaced. Your garage door should add security and function to your home. A poorly functioning garage door can cause damage to the track, your car, and leave your garage vulnerable to security issues.

Retrofit garage doors can help save you, your home, and the contents of your garage. High winds from storms can easily damage garage doors and in extreme cases, blow them in. If wind enters a garage, it can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage. Let’s take your existing garage door and remodel, repair, or replace it.


How can Indy Elite Garage Doors help?

Indy Elite Garage Doors can inspect your existing garage door for any issues and make necessary adjustments and recommendations. If an inspection indicates the need for a repair or replacement, an Indy Elite Garage Door specialist will help you determine which door is right for you.

Do not wait until a storm or severe weather is en route to have your garage door assessed. Indy Elite Garage Doors is ready to help you prepare for winter weather and keep you and your home safe.