Recessed Panel Garage Door Installation Services

Recessed Panel Garage Doors were designed to provide homeowners with the satisfaction of having a traditional residential garage door with the modern convenience of flexible parts that are concealed when the garage door is moved. You will find recessed panel garage doors installed in many Indianapolis homes and properties, and Indy Elite Garage Doors is responsible for many of the garage door installations and services. 

Recessed Panel Garage Door Design and Construction

Also constructed for durability, recessed panel garage doors are molded with pre-finished steel or aluminum, then embossed with a wood grain finish to perfectly resemble a natural wood foundation. Recessed panel garage doors were crafted mainly to save space and improve the way your garage door maneuvers. After being installed, the recessed panel garage door

Recessed panel garage doors also come with high density CFC free polyurethane inside its core for sustainable weather protection. Commonly referred to as PU or PUR, polyurethan is regularly found in paints, varnishes, and most commonly, foams. PU is a key ingredient in many coating or protective mechanisms and often used to strengthen heavy duty items such as building insulation, shoe soles, vehicle parts, and wooden panels.

Our Indy Elite Garage Doors manufactures are also recognized for their application of an all-metal exterior in all the garage door panels so that your garage door can last longer without needing maintenance. This quality is available in our high-definition recessed panel garage doors.

Recessed Panel Garage Door Style and Manufacture

Originally built in 1981 and heavily reinstated within the past decade, the recessed panel is a true mark of balance between tradition and modern innovation. Recessed panel garage door options come in the following components:
-Glass Aluminum

Color options come in:
-much more

Wood options:
-and more