Raised panels have rapidly become an American standard for residential garage doors. In Indianapolis raised panel garage doors have become a well-recognized staple throughout the neighborhoods in the Indianapolis Metropolitan community. Accented with a recessed edge, the elevated surface is the signature feature of the raised panel garage door so commonly found in modern homes. Raised panel garage doors come in the options of steel, wood, and fiberglass, with a versatile design that is suitable for various garage door frames. Indy Elite Garage Doors has been servicing the Indianapolis community with expert raised panel garage door installations at a sensible price and upstanding quality.

Short-Raised Panel Garage Doors

A short-raised panel garage door is designed with the same depth of the original raised panel garage doors, but are presented in a shorter, square-like feature. Whether you are on the prowl for an insulated or uninsulated garage door, you are bound to find the Sandstone style mesmerizing, or you’ll have option to keep your home classy with a traditional white color. The short-raised panel garage door is popular in Sandstone, Almond, Brown, and White coloring and is designed to uplift any Indianapolis home.

Long-Raised Panel Garage Doors

Long-Raised Panel garage doors follow suite of the traditional raised panel garage door, however it adds length and distinction to the garage door contributing to its beauty and distinction. The design provides a shift in perspective for the raised panel garage door series and gives Indianapolis homeowners a fresh look at a timeless product. The long-raised panel garage door come in a selection of classic and conventional wood options and energy efficient insulated and non-insulated steel models.

Medium-Raised Panel Garage Doors

While long and short raised panel garage doors are set the standard for residential garage door design, there is another distinctive option with similar design function. The medium-raised panel garage door is an option for Indianapolis homeowners who are looking to step away from the norm and take a stab at an innovative product. Medium-raised panel garage doors come in the same quality as other raised panel garage door options. Wooden doors tend to be better for insulation purposes and steel garage doors provide a thicker, and more durable look to your Indianapolis home.