A pass door, also known as a pass through door, provides access to and from your garage without the hassle of lifting your garage door every time.

Often installed within the framework of the garage door, a pass door serves as a convenience gateway by giving your garage door an added feature which you and your guests are sure to appreciate. Commercial pass doors are also a terrific addition for warehouses, production and shipping facilities, business venues, and other locations a lot of traffic.


Pass doors come in various styles and with features to best accommodate your property:

–Commercial Pass doors
–Residential Pass doors
–Breakaway bottom doors
–Dock seals
–Security chains link and screen doors
Commercial Pass Doors for your Indianapolis Business

Is your business limited in space? Does the idea of installing a standard door seem impossible? Wouldn’t be great if you had a sensible alternative? A commercial pass door is a sensible option for business owners who wish to opt out of installing an additional entry door.

Key features

–Durable aluminum framing
–Insulation options
–Energy efficient
–Ribbed or flush design options
–Optional multi-sectional locking mechanism
–Smooth transition, automatic closing

Break-Away Bottom Pass Doors for your Indianapolis facility

The Break Away Bottom door is quite popular in commercial properties with a lot of mobile machinery transitioning inward and outward throughout the facility. The Break-Away Bottom lives up to its name through its breakthrough feature, allowing you to pull up the bottom section of the door to a full 90 degrees inward and 45 degrees outward, providing a safe transition for guests and keeping the door damage-free.

Key features

–Comes in single or double bottom sections
–Added interior padding to protect from collision
–Optional inside slide lock mechanism for additional security
–Retrofit options for older or incompliant products
–Weather and time protected


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