Garage Door Openers

Garage door operators are to garage doors as engines are to cars. In order for your garage door to open or close, it must be powered by a motorized garage door operator. However, not all garage door operators are created equal. We deal solely in tried-and-true, high-power, high-performance garage door openers from LiftMaster that won’t try to take a bite out of Rhonda the Honda.

We sell two primary “classes” of garage door operators with several “breeds” falling beneath each, respectively. These two classes are belt drives and chain drives.


Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

As the name implies, a belt drive is essentially the age-old basic pulley system with a motor attached to increase speed and efficiency. The belt drive has a reputation for being one of the quietest, smoothest and most reliable systems on the market. It is ideal for houses with garage doors of average weight and for houses that have frequently-used rooms situated directly above or adjacent to the garage.


Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

By contrast, while chain drives are just as mechanically simple as belt drives, chain drives are sturdier and stronger. They are specifically designed to withstand a great amount of force, such as the effort to open and close a custom wood or carriage house garage door. Although not as sleek or quiet as their belt counterparts, chain drives are the best choice for unusually heavy garage doors.


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