Let us help you find the best loading dock equipment for your needs.

While price and space limitations may be the primary factors, it’s worthwhile to call in a dock professional to get an official opinion. We sell and install:
Dock bumpers
Dock levelers
Dock lifts
Dock seals
Vehicle restraint systems (truck restraints)
Dock shelters
Rolling dock doors and industrial/commercial operators
Fire Doors


What to consider when purchasing dock levelers:

-Where and how will the dock leveler be used?
-Are you replacing your old dock leveler, retrofitting it, or looking to construct a new leveler completely?
-What kinds of vehicles will be loading and unloading at the dock? Do these vehicles vary drastically by height or width?
-What type of space limitations do you have?
-Do you have to take any environmental restrictions or security measures into account?


What most consumers fail to realize is that their favorite products at Costco and Home Depot don’t magically repopulate when the supply runs low. On the contrary, a whole host of steps must transpire in a very short amount of time in order to restock shelves at any store where commercial goods are sold. As both manufacturers and store managers will agree, regardless of whether the facility is shipping or receiving goods, it always begins and ends at the loading docks. To conduct your business, you have to create stable and sturdy mini-bridges between the trucks or trailers that pull up and the facility—bridges that can support several tons of weight at once and possibly even lower upon command. For this reason, selecting and properly installing the best dock leveler for the task is vitally important to the safety of your employees and overall efficiency of your operation.


Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite. There are scores of mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers available today that vary by size, shape and mounting style, and each dock leveler is particularly suited to a handful of highly specific facilities and operations. These options account for the wide range of freight, vehicles, frequency of use and loading conditions at facilities around the country—customization that makes your life easier, if you choose the right one. Depending on the operation, though, different demands are placed on a loading dock leveler, so it’s crucial to use a leveler that matches the unique requirements of your operation. Surprises on your birthday are great; surprises on your loading dock, not so much.