High-speed garage doors are ideal for companies in the industrial sector.

Customers can expect to increase the efficiency of their operations and potentially increase their revenue. We know that garage door speed has a direct effect on production logistics, temperature maintenance and pressure control, which is why we only install top quality high-speed doors with average opening speeds of 4 meters/second. Made to handle a high number of openings, generally 20,000+, our high-speed doors are built with robust parts and counterbalance systems for speed enhancement and emergency opening functions.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged in the business world that time is money. While many people without a blonde comb-over feel uncomfortable saying this aloud, we do not have that qualm. We’ll even reiterate it: time is money. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The desire and need to make a profit, compounded by time constraints, results in the constant revisal of processes that create a more efficient system.

Time is money: don’t waste either with a deadweight garage door.


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