Carriage house style garage doors offer a taste of the past combined with the convenience of modern overhead technology. Carriage house garage doors were created intentionally to resemble the predated designs of carriage house doors which were easily movable and made with timeless quality. Indy Elite Garage Doors is proud to provide its premium standard carriage house style garage door selection to home and property owners in the Indianapolis Metropolitan community.

Carriage House Garage Door Design and Construction

Built to withstand the test of time, Carriage House garage doors come in a variety of wood, steel, and fiberglass options, a consistent showcase of rugged strength and elegance. The impact resistant fiberglass selection provides a maintenance-free quality and extensive durability. The best feature included in the fiberglass carriage house garage door is its steel-oriented foundation.

The steel base design is also used in the beautiful wood faced Carriage House garage door, giving it a one-of-a-kind effect on any home in which it is installed. The steel base asset in the wood-carved Carriage House garage door gives the door the perfect balance of a rugged substance and a classic wood finish.

Wood Faced carriage house Garage Doors come in the following materials:
-Mahogany Woodgrain
-Golden Oak
-Walnut Woodgrain
-Much more!

Indy Elite Garage Doors also offers high-caliber steel Carriage House garage doors for Indianapolis home and property owners, providing clients with a timeless product that will not only uplift their home, but also remain virtually maintenance-free. The steel Carriage House garage door comes in an energy-efficient insulated variety to help keep your home warm during the brutal Indiana winter.

Carriage House Garage Door Installations include:
-A wide variety of windows
-Insulated window glass
-Decorative panels
-Custom-designed trim
-Heavy duty hardware options